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Award winning team of professional Designers, customizing in Manufacturing Plants & Machine design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

SK Robotics & Automation has a team of industry’s most qualified technocrats and specialist engineers who bring in vast experience and expertise for providing optimal engineering solutions. We also have well equipped technically skilled and sound project managers and certified engineers. The team is customer oriented and consistently motivated to maintain high productivity even under strict time frame situations. The team is dedicated towards giving cost and time effective solutions. SK Robotics & Automation provides solutions that are customizable and upgradeable with complete system integration.

SK Robotics & Automation offers turnkey industrial Automation systems and solutions with Industrial Robots. We also provides services for network planning, network optimization, Installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance and in building solutions With its passion for excellence and concentrated focus on customer’s requirements. NA believes in offering its customers a complete range of PLC, controls wiring, jig fixture, other mechanical work, SPM Manufacturing & ROBOTICS solutions under a single roof.

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Robotics Automation

Robotics is a field of engineering that deal with design and application of robots and the use of computer for their manipulation and processing. Robots are used in industries for speeding up the manufacturing process.

Conveyor System Design

As an independent conveyor system integrator we are free to specify and select the best of breed ancillary conveyor equipment regardless of the manufacturer. If there isn’t a piece of standard equipment available to meet your application, we will create a custom design and manufacture it for you. Our conveyor system design covers all aspects of your applications from complete system designs within your facility down to the detailed component level design found in custom applications.


Heavy Machine Shifting

Moving things is complex and more than that is the safety of goods. There are few small and non-sensitive items that could be transported from a place to another very easily, but on the meantime there are certain things that cannot be handled without self and assistance is definitely needed in that.

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Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Ankit Tyagi

Director SK Robotics & Automation

Specialist:- Design and Commissioning

Mail:- ankit.tyagi@skroboticsautomation.com

Takveer Ahmad

Design Engineer

Mail:- takveer.ahmad@skroboticsautomation.com

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